Writen about herself

I am 21 years old girl Abby and I’m just that girl you are looking for;) I’m sociable, I like fun and for shor you’re going to feel with me like a real lover!

With me you will find for shor what other girls missing, because I really enjoy this job and I always like what I do…
Nice to know that I will make you very hot with my soft, slim athletic figure 177/53/4 of which excludes sexapel at first sight!

Information about this girl

Location: Prague

Travels: in Prague/in Europe

Languages: English, Czech
Age: 21
Weight: 53
Height: 177
Breast No.:: 4
Hair Color: Black

Services – provided escorts

for the brave:

to a hot tub


at a hotel

gentleman home

Time Price (USD) Preis (EUR) Cena (CZK)
1 hour 143 USD 130 EUR 3 500 Kč
2 hours 265 USD 240 EUR 6 500 Kč
3 hours 385 USD 350 EUR 9 500 Kč
8 hours 570 USD 520 EUR 14 000 Kč
12 hours 690 USD 630 EUR 17 000 Kč
24 hours 1060 USD 960 EUR 26 000 Kč


Abby was some and more, so glad I chose her she really is stunning and one of the nicest girls I have met from VIP, thanks for the great service wish I had a girl like that on my arm.


Absolutely outstanding a real close personal experience where I felt she really cared about my enjoyment


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