Writen about herself

Belen is 29 years lady with incredible petitJ 170cm, 68kg, breast 4 by nature….

She do escort only in Prague. She likes to go with you to restaurant, she can show you old city and crossing and talking with you hand to hand near Vltava river….

Belen is very romantic also erotic woman….She is so special by look also by her soul that you will be exite any second with that woman.Belen is temperament and dominant girl…

Information about this girl

Location: Prague

Travels: in Prague/in Europe

Age: 29
Weight: 68
Height: 170
Breast No.:: 4
Hair Color: Ginger

Services – provided escorts

for the brave:

at a hotel

gentleman home

Time Price (USD) Preis (EUR) Cena (CZK)
1 hour 143 USD 130 EUR 3 500 Kč
2 hours 265 USD 240 EUR 6 500 Kč
3 hours 385 USD 350 EUR 9 500 Kč
8 hours 570 USD 520 EUR 14 000 Kč
12 hours 690 USD 630 EUR 17 000 Kč
24 hours 1060 USD 960 EUR 26 000 Kč



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